V 1×03 A Bright New Day | Review

A very good episode moving the series in the right direction as the resistance gets stronger

Grade: B+

The Bliss … is that what it is all about on V? Why the Visitors have come to Earth? Of course, we don’t know what The Bliss is but from the way Ryan (Morris Chestnut) was describing it, it not only offers up some control over the Visitors themselves, but is a drug that turns them into junkies in a way.
Do the humans fuel the drug for the aliens, as in the same way they did in TORCHWOOD: CHILDREN OF MEN? Or are they simply here for the food, meaning us, and the water, as they were in the original ’80’s mini-series and series.

Whatever the plan is, “A Bright New Day” did a great join in progressing the development of the resistance, showing the manipulative prowess of the Visitors and that the Fifth Column is indeed a force that will be important in the upcoming fight.

Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) is forced to guard the Visitors as they are given Visas to enter and travel about the U.S. but she takes the opportunity to learn as much as she can in regard to the aliens and their plans. She finds that their uniforms hold the key to spying on virtually everything going on as they hold a camera inside of them.

But more importantly than that, thanks to Father Jack Landry’s (Joel Gretsch) investigation, he tracks down the leader of the first resistance meeting, Georgie (David Richmond-Peck) that ended in a bloodbath. That brings Ryan into the mix as well and we see the formation of the solid unit that will form the larger resistance moving forward.

While the pilot episode was intense and gave us a ton of information as to the real nature of the Visitors, the fact they’ve been here for years and that there are those aliens opposing them. They’ve slowed it down enough to build the resistance while giving us insight into how the Visitors operate and how they are in the open (as well as for years by subterfuge) getting into our lives and manipulating us.

This came from Anna’s (Morena Baccarin) ruse to have an “assassin” threaten the lives of the Visitors at an event where the anti-Visitor rally was being held. It was designed that the FBI would find the culprit and it would then fuel sympathy for them. It worked like a charm as not only did it build that sympathy but Anna also mended fences with the wife of an airman that died when the mothership came from the skies.

Meanwhile, Erica’s son, Tyler (Logan Huffman), has the greatest job on Earth. He gets to make-out with Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), who also got into bra and panties in this episode, as he becomes further wooed by her womanly ways. She is working for Anna, who was revealed to be her mother, in order to get a human to become a voice for the Visitors, recruiting youths and others in order to get them to help in their endeavors.

This was a good episode. We got the formation of the resistance. We got a taste of what the Fifth Column can do (and just how infiltrated they are). We got a taste of Visitor manipulation. We got Laura Vandervoort in her underwear. What’s not to like.

Source: IFMagazine