Variety: “Mitchell could have a shot at a Globe for her acclaimed perf in “V.””

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Golden Globe StatueThese are just a few of the new TV shows that are making a run for this year’s gold. The performance of these newbies will be closely watched since the Globes is the first awards show to give them a shot at being honored. But it will be tough to break through the competish. Last year’s Golden Globe faves are still going strong. They include such smallscreen behemoths as “30 Rock,” “Mad Men” and “In Treatment.” That said, the new crop is young, ambitious and, most important, awards-worthy.

“V,” ABC
Classic Precursor: “V” is take two of the popular 1983 cult sci-fi miniseries “V.” Lizard-like aliens once again try to control mere earthlings.2
Why It Has a Shot: Elizabeth Mitchell of “Lost” stars as the tough FBI agent fighting off the bad guys. Mitchell, with one win and two noms for supporting actress, could have a shot at a Globe for her acclaimed perf in “V.”
If Not the Big Ones: Award-winning producer Kenneth Johnson of the “Alien Nation” franchise is nicely positioned for a Globe win. So, too, is Alan Tudyk (“3:10 to Yuma”) for his role as Mitchell’s fed partner, Dale.
An Upbeat Opinion: Matt Roush, TV Guide: “A rip-roaring twist on the alien-invasion scenario, this is a reinvention of the popular 1980s miniseries-turned-series. ‘V’ nicely exploits the unease in a world of next-door terrorist cells and mob-mentality zealotry. ‘V’ may not initially dig as deep as ‘FlashForward,’ but there’s a juicy urgency to all of the interpersonal and intergalactic melodrama, with plenty of action and surprising reveals.”