LOST | 5 Reasons for buying Season 5: Elizabeth Mitchell

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season
Before all you non-Losties pass this entry by, I’ve got five reasons for you to buy Lost Season Five. 1. There’s time travel! It’s like Back to the Future, but on a tropical island. 2. Elizabeth Mitchell. If you enjoy staring into her sorrowful eyes every week on V, this season should fill the hiatus nicely. 3. The Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit looks kid of awesome, if you dig fancy boxed sets. 4. You can actually buy all five seasons at once, if you have a lot of free time coming up. 5. There isn’t really much else coming out this week, TV-wise. Either nobody else wanted to go up against the Lost juggernaut, or they all thought Christmas was getting a little too close for comfort.

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