In the hope that Juliet Burke is not dead in ‘LOST’ season 6

It’s the question on everyone’s mind going into LOST season 6: did Juliet Burke die in the explosion of Jughead during the Incident.  Those last few moments of LOST season 6 raised more questions than any previous season finale, and among the loudest surround the fate of Juliet after those fateful moments.

Juliet’s journey began when Richard Alpert tricked Juliet into coming to the Island to work on helping the pregnant women of the Island bring their pregnancies to term.  Juliet had a miracle cure for infertility that allowed her sister to conceive, and the Others hoped that her success off the Island would bring her success on the Island (a hope that proved very empty when all was said and done).

Soon after the Others captured Jack, Kate, and Sawyer and brought them back to the Hydra station, Ben sent Juliet back with them to infiltrate and spy on the crash survivors (a plot device that LOST fans should be accustomed to by now), but Juliet ended up a turncoat on the Others and helped the crash survivors instead.

Flash forward to the time jumps, and Juliet ends up settling down in Dharma town with LOST‘s bad boy Sawyer (it seems this blonde was the only one who could really tame that tiger).  Her reign over Sawyer’s heart seemed to remain steadfast throughout season 5, but the bond may be broken if the detonation of Jughead marked the end of Juliet as a character on LOST.

So…here’s to hoping that Juliet returns in LOST season 6.

Source: Examiner

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