Best Of 2009: Our Favorite TV Characters

I don’t and will never agree with what they wrote after the “but” coz’ I will never justify  -for any reason- what they’ve done, will do or wanted to do to Juliet. NEVER!

Juliet Burke – LOST (ABC)

When she first showed up on Lost, Juliet Burke was a mysterious, suspiciously placid Other, with unclear motivations but some kind of deep sadness lurking behind her. She was fascinating when we never knew which side she was on, but in season 5 of Lost, when she helped everyone else survive the time-shifting island and fell into happy domesticity with Sawyer, she truly came into her own. Her death might not have been expected, and disappointed those of us who felt we’d just gotten to know her, but it was a noble move for a woman who had finally figured out what she was fighting for. For someone who started as just another point in a love quadrangle, it’s surprising how much we’ll miss her.

Source: CinemaBlend – Thanks Stef!