Elizabeth on LA Confidential

You might consider this a spoiler, because it mentions what happened to Juliet in LOST Season 5 finale.

elizabeth mitchell on la confidential.gifElizabeth Era
With Three diverse roles, Elizabeth Mitchell continues towow on wcreens both big and small.

Anyone following Elizabeth Mitchell’s career is aware of her diversity as an actress, as evidenced by the incredible array of characters she has played—from Angelina Jolie’s girlfriend in the Golden Globe winning TV movie Gia to the sexy and mysterious Dr. Juliet Burke on ABC’s hit series Lost.

So it should come as no surprise that the sultry Texan has recently tackled three very distinct roles. “I’ve chosen [to portray] a lot of women who are not particularly like me,” says Mitchell, who has a home in the Hollywood Hills. “And though they don’t have [similarities between] them, they’re all really interesting to play.” Mitchell stars as FBI agent Erica Evans in the new ABC remake of V, the popular ’80s miniseries about alien invasion (it premiered last year and returns in March). Mitchell’s character also appears in the sixth and final season of Lost—premiering this month—even though producers confirmed Juliet died in last season’s finale. And as if conquering the small screen weren’t enough, Mitchell stars opposite Dane Cook in the indie drama Answers to Nothing, due out later this year.

Though Mitchell is a homebody at heart, her intense work schedule has her jetting between sets in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Hawaii. “I get off the plane and work, get off the plane and work,” she laughs. “But I can’t complain—it’s wonderful!”