LOST Spoilers | Yes/No Questions

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So here are all the questions regarding LA X that have been answered so far:

– do Jack and Sawyer have another fistfight and/or shouting match in the aftermath of the bomb?
– Do we get to see the smoke monster in the premiere ?
– Will we see Jacob in the premiere?
– Will we see the ‘real’ John Locke alive and well?
– Do Kate and Sawyer interact/talk to each other at all?
– Will there be an appearance by someone or something that will shock any avid, spoiler consuming Lost fan?
– Will Desmond be in the premier?
– Will there be a surprising twist in the episode or a “jump the shark” moment made by the producers?
– does the smoke-monster kill or “judge” anyone?
– Will we get further insight into Jacob/MIB, (Other than the spoilers about MIB = Monster and wanting to go home) and/or the workings of their relationship?
– Will Richard appear in the premiere?
– do Jack/kate talk /have a meaningful scene for them in the premiere on island?
– Will Juliet’s story come to a conclusion in the premiere??
– Is Flocke seen as an impostor by the people outside the statue?
– Does Hurley talk to more dead people?
– Will we see alive Juliet in the premiere?
– Does Bram die in the premiere?
– Do we see some tail section losties in the premiere, e.g. Cindy, Zach, Emma? I mean on the island, not alt reality!
– Do we get some new information about the smoke monster?
– Since the people outside the foot know it’s Flocke, is there an altercation when he emerges?
– after 815 landed in the ALT, will Sawyer be somehow involved in Kates’ escape from the marshall?
– Do we find out why Jacob gave Hurley the Ankh in the premiere?
– Is Ben remorseful in the premiere for his act of ”killing” Jacob??
– Does Charlie have a significant role in the premiere?
– Does the 77 losties end up being killed/abducted/judged by someone/entity in the 1977 timeline ?
– Is Jacob dead for good?
– Does the first scene of L AX take place in a time period other than 1977 or 2007?
– Is it revealed that Smokey is MIB in the premiere?
– Does Flocke/Smoke Monster kill Bram?
– Were you, as a LOST fan, more confused than ever by the end of the premiere?
– Is there any talk or hint of Jacob coming back to life in some form or another?
– Does Sawyer kiss Juliet goodbye?
– Does Sawyer kiss Juliet on the lips?
– Was it awesome?
– Is the opening sequence/teaser on board flight 815?
– Does Sun have a significant role during the Premiere?

– In the new/alt timeline, do any of these people–Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Jin, or Sun–have a gut feeling or directly remember that they should know each other?
– Does any character from the plane ( flight 815 ) sees the statue by himself ?
– Will we see Miles in the alt reality in the season premiere?
– Will we find out who Jacob was referring to when he said “They’re coming” at the end of season 5?
– Did the hydrogen bomb/plutonium core detonate/explode?
– Is Ben Linus passenger of 815?
– Do we see Daniel Faraday in the Season Premiere?
– Does Ana-Lucia appear in the premiere?
– Is there a shocking cliffhanger at the end of “LA X” (1&2) episode?
– Are Charlie and Claire having any contact in the ATL?
– As Desmond is on the plane, Will he be acting like, he is not supposed to be there?
– Does Mr. Eko Appear in the Premiere?
– Will we see anything about the DeGroots and their connection to any of this (concerning just one of them or both of them) in the premiere?
– Does Christian’s coffin disappear while the plane is in the air?
– Will we find out how things unfolded to leave us with an alive locke ( as in from MIB / Smokeys point of view )… ?
– Do we see Jack as a leader in the premiere, like in the Pilot ?
– Will we see the original MIB actor (the one on the beach with Jacob) in the premiere?
– Do we get to see the ‘magic box’?
– Do Jack and Kate kiss in the premiere?
– do we find out what “home” refers to for MIB
– In S1 Kate and Jack saved Charlie together… Will Kate be involved in the scene where Jack saves Charlie in the alt timeline?
– Does the actions of our Losties in alt-timeline have an effect to things/actions that happen on the Island?
– Will we see where the upper part of the statue is (after it was destroyed)?
– In the immediate aftermath of the incident at the Swan will we see the Dharma people again, Like Horace, Radzinsky, Phil, Chang?
– Is Shannon in the season premier ( because Maggie Grace is credited as Shannon on “LAX” on imdb.com )?
– Do we hear the real name of MIB in this episode, or alternately do people that possibly know him such as Richard or Illana refer to him as anything?
– Do we learn what Frank is a candidate for?
– Does Desmond who takes flight 815 recognize the Losties in the alt timeline (does he remember the events in the original timeline) ???
– Will Sawyer have to do something to ease Juliet’s pain (e.g. kill her himself)?
– Does season 6 start with a song playing, a la most of the other season premieres?
– By the end of the episode, are the 1977 losties back in 2007?
– On the island, does Richard talk to anyone about the Incident?
– Do we see Juliet in the ALT-timeline?
– Does it become clear by the end of the premiere that what exactly the alternate timeline(or whatever it is) actually is?
– Is Walt mentioned/alluded to in the episode?
– Do we get to see the outrigger scene from the point of view of whoever was chasing our heroes in S5?
– Is the first thing we see an Eye opening like Seasons 1-3?
– You have said that MIB and SmokeY are one and the same, but do we find out whether Richard is the MIB?
– Are we told how the electromagnetic anomaly/incident is resolved or stopped if the bomb did not explode?
– Do we learn any new information about who Jacob is?
– Is it suggested (or revealed) that MIB or Jacob are affiliated with pirates or the Black Rock?
– Do Sawyer, Kate, Jack, or Hurley appear to die in the two-hour premiere?
– Do we learn the significance of Jacob “touching” the losties in “The incident”
– Its Sawyer going to kiss Kate?
– Does Desmond remember people from Flight 815?
– Do we get to see who it was that got shot in the outrigger boat while shooting at Locke and co. during the premier?
– Do we see Vincent on Island ?
– Do we see Flocke/MIB do anything in the present (2007) timeline (such as kill or injure or transform to scare lol! etc) in smoke form?
– Does Juliet somehow appear to be another ‘entity’ in the scene before she dies?
– does Kate escape the marshall by pretending to be “nice”/seductive? (as opposed to slip away unnoticed in a bathroom or physically attacking him outright?)
– Do we see Flocke / MIB turn in to Smokie?
– Is Smokey involved in Juliet’s death scene?
– Is Kate going to kiss someone at the premiere?
– Do we get to see The Swan hatch?
– Does Hurley use the Ankh to talk to Jacob?
– Do we see any of the charachters showing knowledge about past/future/ALT events they aren’t supposed to know?
Source: DARK UFO