Top 42 Moment of LOST | Review

 35. Burning muffins! While overall Season 3 had the weakest beginning of all the seasons with a lackluster six-episode arc to start things off, it still had a great opening sequence, easily one of the best season openers. It’s our first introduction to Juliet (though we don’t know it at the time). We see a woman, clearly distraught over something, as Petula Clark’s “Downtown” (a song which LOST in general, and this episode in particular, made me love; I’d heard the song before but was fairly indifferent to it) plays. We get a hint of emotional turmoil, but we don’t know who this is, or where we are, or when we are. Then we find out (the where and when, anyway). In one mind-numbingly shocker, we discover that she is in a house, in a town that is located on the Island! And “Henry Gale” is there! And Ethan! The Others are civilized! But what’s more is that this is all happening at the time of the airplane crash of our beloved Losties! It was quite the riveting opening and a great introduction to a woman who has easily become the best female character on LOST. (3.01 A Tale of Two Cities)

Source: CinemaCervello | Thanks Stef!