Josh Holloway on Season 6 | Suliet Mention

Lost follows the struggles of airplane-crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island. Indeed, Sawyer started out as a bad guy, but he has become a tragic hero through the years, largely –we assume –because audiences responded to him. Sawyer has experienced two main love interests: Kate, played by Evangeline Lilly, and Juliet, played by Elizabeth Mitchell. Holloway was asked who he thinks Sawyer really loves most. “They’re different, one being an undeniable love that just exists (Kate), and one that began as enemies, then friends, then developed into a softer, more mature relationship (Juliet),” Holloway said. “They’re both valid in their own way, is what I’m trying to say.”

Juliet supposedly died in the bomb blast in the fifth-season finale. Now, who knows what death means in Lost –Mitchell has confirmed she’s part of the sixth season in some form –but nonetheless, as the sixth season begins, Sawyer is a mess. “He definitely has the salts back this year,” Holloway said. “He’s completely emotionally destroyed and he does not care about life so much any more. “However, the lessons he has learned on the island and the humanity he has been forced to acknowledge is going to come into play, too. It’s probably the only thing that will keep him from offing himself, you know?” Be forewarned: Holloway said the first episode of the final season of Lost feels like a finale, because of the scale and everything that’s happening. “You’re going to cry right away,” Holloway said. “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, pretty much everything, every episode. “They’re pulling out all the stops emotionally and physically. This season is a stinger.”

Source: TheObserver