Damon Lindelof about Elizabeth

Damon, you needed to think twice before firing her. Don’t point the finger on V now. It’s only your fault. It contains spoilers!

What can you say about Elizabeth Mitchell’s return?

Damon Lindelof: We can say that she is going to be on the show this season, a couple of times, but obviously because of the success of V and because she shoots it in Canada, we’ve been a little bit limited in how much we can use her. But, the good news is that she’s been amazing in letting us execute our version of the show with her. That’s something that we presented to her when we told her, “Hey, you’re falling into a hole and sustaining some rather significant injuries, and we’ve got some plans for you in the next season that will allow you to go and do another show, but we hope you continue to stay with us for a little bit.” She was awesome.

Lies since they first decided to kill her and then after the fans reactions called her back.