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Almost nothing that you haven’t read already if you read Dark Ufo’s spoilers and watched the promo for the next episode, this is anyway a huge spoilers about Suliet.

Spoiler Chat: Will Sawyer Forget About Juliet and Reunite With Kate on Lost?
Tomorrow’s all-new Lost episode is Kate-centric (Evangeline Lilly) and, well, it’s all about the relationships—romantic and otherwise. Will the foxy fugitive remind sexy con man Sawyer (Josh Holloway) that they were once the Island’s hottest twosome, and entice him to forget about his Dharma-era romance with Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell)? I’ve got the exclusive scoop on the current love-polygon situation

Rachel in New York: Any Sawyer and Kate scoop on Lost?
Tomorrow night on Lost Sawyer and Kate will share a beautiful and heart-wrenching scene at the end of a dock, and then another one inside of a house that might turn some Skaters into Sulieters. She sees how deep his feelings for Juliet really go, and they go very deep. (Hint: He has a ring.)

Spoilers Just on Lost:

Lily in England: So glad Lost is back! Do you have any dish about my favorite characters, Jack, Sayid or Hurley?
Well, let’s see: In this next ep, Jack tries to kill himself. (Sorta. And perhaps not intentionally.) And speaking of death and self-destruction, Rousseau and “the infection” come back into play. As I mentioned in the previous Redux, the final 10 or so minutes of this week’s Lost are not to be missed.

Bett in Roswell, N.M.: Scoop me some Lost!
In this week’s flash-sideways, Kate and Claire spend more time together and we see that Kate may be destined to be a part of Aaron’s life regardless of whether they crashed on the island, and someone else might have the same destiny. Keep your eyes peeled for the surprise return of an old frenemy!

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  • 9 Febbraio 2010 in 08:02

    yeahhhhhh i knew it!!!! no skate))) i knew that he loves her and he will))
    hope to see suliet))


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