LOST: About a possible Jack’s ex wife

[…]A number of you suggested possible other ex-wives for Jack to have beyond Sarah (whom I was serious about) and Rousseau (whom I was not). My favorite is probably Juliet, but I have to agree with my “Instant Dharma” co-conspirators when I say that it seems more likely that the show is keeping Juliet for Sawyer, and having Jack and Sawyer fight over another woman in another reality would seem trite. […]

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  • 25 Febbraio 2010 in 20:49

    Well, as a Juliet fan since season 3, I definitely don’t think this would be lame.
    I actually think bringing Juliet back just because of Sawyer is actually lame.

    If there are 3 characters I’d like Juliet to have some sort of connection in the alternate reality, they are: Ben, Sun and Jack. These are the characters Juliet spent 2 seasons together with very interesting storylines.

    So if I could see Juliet somehow connected with them, it would be great. For example, being the mother of Jack’s son. Being a friend of Ben or working at the same school as him. And maybe helping Sun and Jin have a child.

    I’d be the happiest Juliet fan ever if I saw those things. It would be a subtle way for the writers to acknowledge Juliet is part of those characters and they have a history together. By showing them being linked in both realities.

    I don’t mind Juliet having coffe with Sawyer. As long as she is also showed having some connection with Ben, Sun and Jack. So I would adore if she’s the mother of the cute boy.

  • 26 Febbraio 2010 in 06:49

    I am Juliet’s fan since season 3… I was Jacket, but I think Jack has always loved Kate… and considering the way he treats Juliet in the past 2 seasons (what happened in 4×10, leaving her on the island and wanting to blow up the bomb leaving her again on the island with Ben just because he wanted Kate back) that’s why it’s lame having that sort of connection. Juliet has never been important to Jack (and as jacket this makes me feel sad, because it’s how Elizabeth said at comic con, they created something with Jack and then poof – same thing with Ben-). That’s why having a son with him is absurd.
    I agree with some connection, but a son together no. Juliet should have been more important to Jack on the Island for having a son together outside.

    I’d like to see her with her sister, some connection with Ben, even a meet with Jack, maybe something with Sun… but I don’t think it’s gonna happen, coz’ they don’t want to tell Juliet’s story. It’s pretty clear that. They only care about the people on the plain and Ben.

    Why? I don’t know and that pisses me off. But if Sawyer it’s the only way to see Juliet again and happy, I’m glad to see her. I think Sawyer and her sister are the stronger bonds she has. So that’s why it’s not lame. But I see what you mean and I agree in part with what you said.

    I think Juliet is a great character (surely the only woman they have on the series) and she should come back because of that, not because of Sawyer or anyone else. They shouldn’t have killed her off in the first place.

    You know, you take what you can get. For me the series is already ruined by not having Juliet for the whole season and the way they killed her. So… I just hope this is not another joke like the cliffhanger.


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