Review about Elizabeth and Juliet

Evangeline Lilly isn’t the show’s strongest actor, but that’s no insult — few actors are as good or as charismatic as Terry O’Quinn or Michael Emerson or Elizabeth Mitchell. When it comes to Kate and my lack of interest in her, I fault “Lost’s” writing more than anything else. Maybe another actor could have made Kate’s story intrinsically interesting all the way from Season 1 to Season 6, but I somehow doubt it.

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A mention in a Recon’s review:

[…]present Sideways James Ford as every bit the slutty, soul-numbed vengeance-questing criminal as his Island iteration, but then revealed himself to be a… slutty, soul-numbed vengeance-questing cop. There was no Juliet in his life, and we were made to ponder if that made all the difference.[…]

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