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Those of us hoping for Sawyer’s coffee date with Juliet? Disappointed.

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Sawyer has fallen deeply in love with Juliet (and is now too consumed with grief to really be into the whole Freckles phenomenon)
And the scene they chose, of Charles Ingalls reassuring Laura about death, and saying you hold memories of your lost loved ones until you see them again, has me wondering if it’s going to foreshadow some kind of Sawyer sacrifice so he can get back with Juliet.

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Sawyer meets Kate at the fire. He tells Kate his plan is to get Flocke and Widmore fighting and take the sub and her off the island.
(Sorry Skaters, that was not a romantic moment. Survival != Love. There is no chance for that couple any more.)

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I’d have to say that island Sawyer is a better man than Sideways Sawyer. Island Sawyer killed Anthony Cooper, but that didn’t really fix anything. That isn’t what made him into the loyal friend he is today. No, that came from being loved and trusted and relied on by many people, including Juliet

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Sawyer wants to sulk. He wants to be selfish. He really wants to squish a frog. But his days in Dharma and his relationship with Juliet and that do-gooder streak he desperately tries to hide keep conspiring against his bad habits.

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