Elizabeth “is the loveliest, sweetest, most considerate lady ever”

Dear Gossips,
Re: your emails about Lost – I can’t talk about Lost too much because 1. people yell at me for spoiling and 2. it’ll end up taking over the entire day. Am very, very much enjoying this final season. Am also very, very stressed about the end forever. I worry a lot about Sayid. But I will be happy when Hurley stops being Whoopi Goldberg. That’s it. Otherwise it’ll get out of control.
Anyway, the reason I wanted to mention it today is because yesterday I spent the afternoon onset at “V” which shoots in Vancouver. Elizabeth Mitchell who play(s)(ed) Juliette of course is the star of “V” and she is the loveliest, sweetest, most considerate lady ever. So gracious with the crew, so kind, so generous, knew almost everyone personally – even me, and I’ve only interviewed her twice, for 5 minutes each time, spread out over 3 years. This is rare for actors. Most of the time they’re only aware of themselves. Elizabeth is delightful. And yes, we talked about Lost. Elizabeth is busy this weekend. OMG.

Source: Laney Gossip | Thanks Heiots