Happy Birthday Elizabeth!


Thank you for all the memorable moments of your career and the amazing characters you’ve played!

You’re so inspiring not just as an actress but also as a person!

Good luck for everything, you deserve the best!

When V returns, it’s gonna blow up all the other shows, we’re sure of it! 🙂

Oh and…it’s your fault if we’re all desperate for Juliet, you made her the way she is and you made us love her so much. Thank you deeply!

Just one more thing… I’m so tired of crying (yeah I still am), so please come back and make me smile. We need Juliet, alive and happy for once!

Happy Birthday, Liz!!


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New Layout

Ok guys this is the new layout of the site we’re been working on in the past week so we could change it for Elizabeth’s birthday.

We hope you like it. 😀

Probably there’ll be something to fix, so don’t worry if you notice something weird.

Let’s have a coffee and enjoy it! 😉