Joel Gretsch about Elizabeth

The Father Jack story line is my favorite of the series. You have this man of faith thrown into such an uncertain situation. He sees the good in everyone but in this reality it’s the old “X-Files” mantra of “Trust No One.”

That’s fantastic. (Laughs) Well said. You have that man of faith and when that changes, ya know, in the pilot I say, “This wasn’t in the Scriptures.” In the end of the pilot when I’m sitting there with Elizabeth’s (Mitchell) character on a rooftop, these two unlikely partners, right now, at this particular moment, there is no one else we can trust.

You mentioned Elizabeth Mitchell and I’m a huge “Lost” fan as well. How is she to work with and how do you see the relationship between your priest and her federal agent developing?

It’s hard not to gush about Elizabeth. Even my wife is like, “Whoa, slow down a little bit.” She is the consummate professional and the kind of actress everybody dreams to work with. She’s the total package.

Source: GO386 | Thanks: Heiots