LOST | Set Report

This is a set report from Ryan for LOST finale.

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  • spotted Kate, Hurley and Sawyer
  • Kate had blood on her shoulder


  • Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley on the beach with life jackets staring at the ocean
  • later Jack and Kate alone on the beach, Jack bending over Kate, looked like Jack sewing up a wound


  • jungle scene


  • Locke’s motel where he proposed to Helen
  • no filming, but Hurley’s yellow hummer
  • filming at a church


  • scene with Sawyer and Juliet, probably at a hospital
  • also scenes with Jack and Kate according to a guard
  • Claire, Miles, Lapidus at the beach
  • Claire comes out of the bushes with a rifle and a shot was fired at some point
  • setting up rain machines at the Ajira plane, Miles and Lapidus still there


  • Locke, Jin, Sun, Sawyer, Claire, Kate, Desmond and Juliet seen filming

  • shoot at an Irish bar

  • Kate was dressed in a robe

  • stunt scene for Sayid

  • Hurley there as well

  • brawl with a bunch of men, Sayid jumps out of the hummer, has a fight with a dark-haired man

  • Shannon turns up (dressed provocatively)

  • scenes at the church again, maybe a funeral

transcription by DARK UFO