ABC’s ‘V’ countdown clock irks ‘Lost’ fans, producer

Just one comment: how nice of him saying this in public, considering that V is with Elizabeth. è_é

ABC slapped a red “V” countdown clock onto last night’s episode of “Lost,” annoying fans and the show’s producer Damon Lindelof.

“To the ABC exec who decided to put the V countdown clock on the bottom of the Lost screen… I hate you. Passionately,” Tweeted one ESPN columnist. The bug also earned a rant from Star-Ledger’s Alan Sepinwall (“it was ridiculous: between the large red “V” logo, and the ticking clock, it was impossible to not notice it, virtually ever moment it was on screen”).

“Yes, people, I saw it too,” Tweeted Lindelof. “:34 minutes until I cry myself to sleep.”

Given last night’s aimless episode, however, fans would have been better served by a countdown until next week when something interesting might happen.

Source: jsonline