V 1×05 Ratings

At 10:00 pm the audience was 7.809 – At 10:30 pm it was 6.765.

“V” Not Down Much; Did the “Countdown Clock” During “Lost” Help?

V returned after four months off to a 2.9 rating* with adults 18-49. That’s down only .2 from its last airing. Many predicted it would do much worse. I had predicted a 2.8, so it did a little bit better than I thought.

The level of Internet rage on the topic of the countdown clock was in the vein popping range.

I didn’t love the countdown clock during Lost, but for some reason I didn’t obsess on it and wasn’t distracted by it. I’m not sure it helped, but I don’t really think it hurt, and let’s face it, whether it’s for good cause, people are talking about V.

Sepinwall blew a gasket and Lost producer Damon Lindelof wasn’t thrilled. But the real question is this: despite loud backlash on the Internet, did it actually work? There’s no way to know for sure, but my guess is the numbers for V’s return were about as good as ABC could’ve reasonably hoped for.

I’m guessing we won’t see another countdown clock in the very near future, but I won’t be shocked if such a gimmick is used again someday.

*The preliminary numbers included two minutes of Lost overrun, so the final numbers will likely be adjusted down, though V averaged a 2.7 in its second half hour so the numbers likely won’t drop very much.

Source: bythenumbers

Reports are there was a 2 minute overrun of Lost into the 10pm hour, so it’s more likely than usual that the V ratings will be adjusted downward, and Lost ratings adjusted upward in the final ratings.

Source: by the numbers | Thanks Heiots & Lexi!