Lost finale: Major Spoiler About Juliet

UPDATE (02/04/2010): Dark Ufo confirmed the spoiler we read yesterday is true.

Lost Finale Spoiler.

hey dark, I have a few more details of this scene.

This happens in the alt/sideways
Sawyer and Juliet bump into each other at the hospital
At first they don’t appear to recognise each other
Then it seems that their island memories “bleed” over into the alt/sideways and they start to remember each other
They then kiss
Its a very moving and satisfying scene

Original Post
Juliet and Sawyer in the Finale will share a deeply emotional and tender scene together…one sure to bring a few tears

Source: DARK UFO


7 pensieri riguardo “Lost finale: Major Spoiler About Juliet

  • 1 Aprile 2010 in 09:31

    sounds too good to be true^^
    but I’d really wish that…ahhh I can’t wait for the finale even though it makes me somehow sad too

  • 1 Aprile 2010 in 16:42

    Ahhh so exciting!
    Can’t wait to see this ! XD

  • 2 Aprile 2010 in 01:03

    OMG, that would be so perfect!
    Looking forward to watch it happen!

  • 2 Aprile 2010 in 14:44

    Very nice…I´m so excited! can’t wait for the finale *jumpintheair*


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