V Review

4. In a preview for “V” – a shows I meant to watch because it has Morena Baccarin from “Firefly,” but so far it’s never happened – I saw the actress who plays Juliet in “Lost,” Elizabeth Mitchell. That’s great; always liked her on “Lost,” and thought she was far more interesting than Penny, whom Desmond loves because the script tells him to. But it seems ABC has about four actresses total, and has to keep rotating them around from show to show to placate the nerd base. See, this is sci-fi with a rich backstory, it has Juliet! You liked Juliet, didn’t you? Sure you did. Sit down. It’s as good as Lost. Really.

I don’t think anything will be as good as Lost; it’s impossible to duplicate. It’s like the X-Files, but unlikely to look like total BS when it’s done.

Source: startribute