LOST: Bests & Worsts | Review

We all know the last part is not true at all. They killed her off, that’s why she took the job on V. Liz said several times that she would have never left LOST.

My 10 favorite episodes

6. “LaFleur”
5×08 / Directed by Mark Goldman / Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Kyle Pennington
Amid all the death and time-hopping of Season 5 was this gem that shows how Sawyer became Jim LaFleur, head of security for the DHARMA Initiative. The romance between Sawyer and Juliet finally blooms, and a scene in which Juliet successfully delivers a baby on the island — a first for her — is immensely satisfying, an emotional victory amid a stretch of episodes that included Ben’s betrayal and murder of John Locke off the island. This episode also showed chinks in Richard Alpert’s armor, as Jacob’s right-hand man seemed honestly baffled by Sawyer’s knowledge of the island in their 1974 conversation.

5 characters who deserved better

Juliet. An audience favorite, Juliet was killed off in the Season 6 premiere, and we barely feel the ramifications of it. “LA X” suggested Jack and Sawyer would become true enemies because of Juliet, and this never came to pass. Juliet’s death hasn’t paid off narratively yet, and right now it feels as if she died simply because Elizabeth Mitchell was offered the lead on “V,” which is probably headed to the land of cancellation.

Source: Daily Herald