Some Reviews about Juliet and Sawyer

There was much hugging, touching, squeezing. Their friends beamed, except for Sawyer. The sight of the Jin/Sun restoration only reminded him of what he would never have with Juliet, and it tore him apart.

Source: EW

They can add me to the list of people to insult because I completely agree. If LOVE is somehow going to bridge the gap between the two worlds, Kate’s longing look at Jack was probably because she felt that connection. I am willing to bet that we will see a similar connection between Sawyer and Juliet! People just need to calm down and get off your back. If the writers wanted Sawyer and Kate to end up together, they wouldn’t have placed so much attention and heartache on the Sawyer and Juliet relationship. It would be unsettling for me and an insult to Sawyer and Juliet’s relationship to have Sawyer end up with Kate. – DaBooty, my blog

Count me with you guys on the Kate/Jack side. Juliet’s the one I’d rather see with Sawyer, in the alternate reality. Those two seemed to have something real. – Kyle, my blog

DaBooty and Kyle both touched upon one of my main points, which is that I really don’t have anything against Sawyer and Kate. And I feel like that has been overlooked in many of these arguments. I like Sawyer. A lot. I just think the writers have done a FAR better job with his relationship with Juliet. For me, Sawyer and Kate seemed more about lust and passionate. They both got off on the fact that there was something “wrong” about their relationship. But with Juliet and Sawyer, it genuinely felt like true love. And sure, many people will argue that we’re comparing five seasons with a handful of episodes, but I don’t think that matters. What happened in that handful of episodes, to me, was far more powerful than the flip-floppy, inconsistent romp we saw for the previous few years. So, to me, seeing Sawyer end up with somebody other than Juliet would simply be a disappointment. It would be a betrayal of the man we’ve seen Sawyer grow into.

Source: Inside Pulse