Suliet & Josh and Liz’s Photoshoot Campaign


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Photobucket“LaFleur” gave us some of Suliet’s best scenes; by the time they’ve kissed in the kitchen, we had already melted about 108 times. But then we found out that the lovely scene had actually been cut. Elizabeth Mitchell and Mark Goldman talked about it, and it sounds like a MUST see:

“I don’t think we realized we were really onto something until the scene in the kitchen [where Sawyer brings Juliet a flower]. And what you didn’t see on camera—we shot it but it didn’t air—was that he picked me up and carried me over to the sink and just started kissing me. We finished that and we both looked at each other. On-camera, the chemistry was there, and off-camera, it was us again.” [Elizabeth Mitchell, EW. ]

The full kissing scene: much too racy for the American public! [Mark Goldman – LaFleur’s director, via Twitter.]


Share this page on twitter, facebook, etc… when LOST is on!

Photobucket“I’m talking about spectacular, consciousness-altering love.”
Suliet: one flower, two soulmates, three Dharma years, LOTS of guns and ZERO photoshoots! Let’s change that! Please, email the following magazines asking for a photoshoot featuring Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway together.

To the editor:
Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell portray one of the most praised TV couples. Everyone is waiting to see them back together on screen on LOST, which will come to an end on May 23rd. Why not have them together on your pages first?

Don’t miss the chance to feature these two wonderful actors in a photoshoot in your magazine!
I’d greatly appreciate it,
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