Who Died The Most Epic Death? | Vote for Juliet

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Juliet Burke (“The Incident,” “LA X”)
For three years, the only thing that fertility doctor Juliet Burke wanted was to leave the Island. That all changed when she went backwards in time to the 1970s alongside James “Sawyer” Ford, unexpectedly finding love and companionship in the reformed conman. But when the Oceanic Six joined them in the ’70s, Juliet’s jealousy over Sawyer’s bond with Kate prompted her to agree with Jack’s plan to blow up a hydrogen bomb and prevent Oceanic Flight 815 from crashing on the Island.

It turned out to be a fateful decision for Juliet, as she was sucked down into the depths of the Swan construction site and mortally injured. After bashing the nuke, she and her allies were jettisoned back to the present and she probably created a sideways universe in the process. But Juliet wasn’t around long enough to enjoy the fruits of her labor, as she died in Sawyer’s arms as a result of her fall.