LOST Reviews| Juliet and James & Elizabeth’s Performance

Point 3: Sawyer and Juliet

There’s something wrong with you. Seriously. If your face didn’t erupt into an ear-to-ear smile when Juliet and Sawyer had their moment of realization, you are a deeply flawed person who needs a few more alt-timeline cycles. You got a lot to work on, pal.

That was an awesome scene. I particularly like how they worked in the “we could go dutch” line Juliet mumbled as she died in Sawyer’s arms in “LA X.” It just sort of flew out as the memories flooded both their brains. And then, when it all hit them? Damn.

I want to take a moment to tip my hat to Josh Holloway, Elizabeth Mitchell and the “Lost” writers for pulling off the Sawyer-Juliet relationship. On paper, it didn’t work. Why would these two hit it off? And if you think about the amount of screentime this relationship was given — just a few episodes, all told — how could we have possibly bought it? And yet, it was fantastic. I was more invested in this relationship than with Sun and Jin’s!

About Juliet and Jack

[…] (Jack) had a few flirty moments with his ex-wife (Juliet! I knew it!) […]

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A brush of fingers triggered a rush of passion for Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell).

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There are a lot of moments to bring a lump to the throat of anyone who’s given a damn about any of the characters over the years. Particularly affecting are the memories of Sun and Jin, and the friendly-to-stratospheric reunion of Sawyer and Juliet.


9:45 pm: Sawyer and Juliet remember their past together and kiss in the hospital. They belong together – and I couldn’t be happier.

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The Good: Familiar Faces: It was nice to see the old cast members return and reconnect with their significant others whether it be Shannon and Sayid or Sawyer and Juliet.

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The truth was revealed by his father Christian (John Terry), saying: “Everyone dies some time, kiddo. Some of them before you, some of them long after.”

He added: “Nobody does it alone,” as viewers learnt the likes of Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), Claire (Emile de Ravin), Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) had reconnected in the next life.

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Sawyer, unfortunately, was one of the few people who didn’t know what was going on still — so he was confused when Sun and Jin said they would “see him there.” Or, at least he was that way until he ran into Juliet and planted a kiss on her after a funny moment involving an Apollo bar.

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I’m sure everyone had their particular favorites: for now, I’m putting Sawyer/Juliet in the pole position with Charlie/Claire as a surprising second.

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The last episode saw Charlie and Claire, Kate and Jack, Sawyer and Juliet, Desmond and Penny, Sayid and Shannon, Hurley and Libby, and Sun and Jin all recognizing each other as their soul-mates, subsequently wrapping up a lot of hanging story lines.

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Acting: the entire cast of Lost was amazing with their acting from the word go. It didn’t fall short in the finale either. The chemistry between Swayer and Juliet and Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway was extraordinary.

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Likewise, her (Kate) goodbye kiss to Jack finally made their relationship reach the same heights as the Sawyer/Juliet and the Desmond/Penny super-couples that became a larger part of the show.

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4,5 Star

Amazing acting. Even when I knew when island enlightenment was about to take place, I was moved to tears. First, Sun and Jin got me. Then, Kate and Claire. Finally, Sawyer and Juliet. Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway formed such chemistry over such a short period of time that even when I knew exactly what Juliet was gonna say about meeting for coffee, I reached for Kleenex.

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After Desmond and Hurley successfully reunited our Sideways Flash folks with their Island memories and their Island soul-mates – Sun and Jin; Sawyer and Juliet; Sayid and Shannon; Claire, Charlie and Aaron – Sideways Jack arrived at the church where he was supposed to meet his father’s casket.

Jack was the last to arrive at the church? Did it mean he was the last to actually die, even though it looked like he died on the Island after Frank took off? Maybe it was because his Sideways life was the most satisfying – what with his son and his thriving career and his amicable separation from Juliet – and he couldn’t give it up

And by the time Sawyer and Juliet reunited by that fateful vending machine, I was in tears.

Whether it was Sawyer and Juliet at the vending machine; Kate and Charlie embracing Claire and Aaron in a group hug; or Jack’s face as he watched the plane take his people to safety – there were moments last night that are making me tear up right now just thinking about them. I have to give “Lost” this. In the end, it felt right.

Still, there was much to love. All of the performances were stunning, particularly those from Terry O’Quinn’s multiple-personality Locke, Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell’s star-crossed Sawyer and Juliet;

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Most of the acting was top-notch, in particular series regulars Terry O’Quinn (John Locke), Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) and Josh Holloway (Sawyer). Supporting actors such as Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday), Henry Ian Cusiak (Desmond) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko, still ‘Lost’s greatest creation) made so much of their limited screen time as to supplant many in the main cast as fan favourites.

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Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) in one of the episode’s most touching moments.

So many of these characters deserved to get their happy endings. For some, like Des and Penny, it happened in the real world. For others, like Jack and Kate and Juliet and Sawyer, it happened in the afterlife.

Every single “aha” moment — when the characters in the Sideways world remembered their island pasts — had me in tears, especially those of Sun and Jin and Juliet and Sawyer.

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Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) bond in the glow of a vending machine. Awwww.

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Desmond created the tie that bound the castaway spiritual clan. So he became responsible for them. Forever. (Plus or a minus a few souls. Or should I say soulmates? Desmond got to bring Penelope because they were married. Sawyer wanted to marry Juliet, and I like to think they were married, even if there was never a ceremony. Clearly, the cosmic forces that regulate this soul-clustering thing dig a good love story.)

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Sawyer and Juliet – this was my favourite!!  These two are the real deal.  I’ve been waiting to hear Juliet say her lines about coffee and going dutch, and she did not disappoint!  There’s was the first flashback moment that really integrated the island memories and the Heaven-world into a seamless narrative reunion.  Everyone else had flashbacks.  Juliet and Sawyer incorporated their flashbacks into their conversation.  That’s a deep connection – the deepest love connection of the show.  It’s funny – I read in the New York times last week that the two unintended plot lines were the development of Ben’s character and the Juliet/Sawyer love – and these were easily two of my favourite parts of the show.  Perhaps an unintentional theme of Lost is that you can’t plan everything and most often it’s the stuff you don’t intend that is most magical.

The most satisfying and profound reunion for me was, like for you, the one between Juliet and Sawyer. I was a little worried that Sawyer and Kate were making goo-goo eyes at each other again, and I so wanted Sawyer’s soul mate to be Juliet, so that was deeply, deeply satisfying (high five and tons of props, by the way, for calling it on Sayid and Shannon!).

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Some Of The Greatest Scenes In TV History.

a) Sawyer and Juliet At The Vending Machine – was quite simply one of the best written scenes that have ever been filmed in any medium.

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At the hospital, Sun and Jin are discussing the suckier parts of being shot, when Juliet pops in for a visit. Wait, JULIET?? Yes! It seems as though Juliet Carlson is alive and well in LA X, and an acting OB/GYN. Juliet squirts some of that magical sonogram gel on Sun’s pregnant tummy and they all have a look-see. That’s all it takes for Sun and Jin to have a full-on awakening, as they get the mystical flashes from their lives on Island Prime. The lovers are ecstatic, and Juliet doesn’t know quite what to make of it. They inform her – in English! – that the baby is a girl, and her name is Ji Yeon. It’s pretty awesome that the awakenings can even transfer language skills. It’s sort of like the Matrix. I half expect the next person to “awaken” and say “I know Kung Fu.”

“Okay, whatever you say … crazy Asians.”

[…]Over in LA X, Jack and Juliet share a moment with young David at the hospital. It seems as though Juliet and Jack were married once upon a time, and produced the virtuoso pianist. Jack hands his ex tickets to the concert and tells David that he should take his Aunt Claire, mentioning that Juliet should like her since she’s extremely pregnant. A little prenatal humor there. Chortle.

Jack sure does like his pretty blondes. It’s amazing that he ended up with a brunette. Still, like the saying goes – “Gentlemen prefer blondes, but they marry brunettes.”

As David and his mother get on the elevator, Sawyer steps off, and he comes this close to reconnecting with his Island sweetheart. […]

At the concert in LA X, Juliet is wearing a particularly fetching little black number. If anything else happens in the scene, I’m not really aware of it. […]

In LA X hospital, things get interesting. Sawyer asks Jack where he can get some grub, and the doc directs him toward the nexus of all hospital-related activity – the magic vending machine. Sawyer tries to buy an Apollo bar, but it gets stuck. Enter the lovely Juliet.

“Can I tell you a secret? If you unplug it, and then plug it back in, the candy just drops right down.” Whatever you say, darlin’.

Sawyer does as blondie tells him and the lights go out, making it all romantic-like, and then they touch and there’s the shiny Island Prime moment and she asks him if they could get some coffee sometime, just like down in the pit when she dies – they could go dutch – and they embrace and kiss and it’s pretty much wonderfully awesome. The end. Aww, crap, there’s more show. Isn’t this what it’s all about, anyway? […]

Jack and Christian walk out from the side entrance and into the main vestibule. All of the main players are there, smiling and reminiscing. Old lovers have been reunited – Hurley and Libby, Sawyer and Juliet, Sayid and Shannon.

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The “letting go” scenes in the “flash-sideways” varied in their effectiveness (Sayid and Shannon? Um, sure why not?), but when they worked, they really worked. Sun and Jin seeing their baby’s ultrasound, the pure joy coming from John Locke once Jack healed him, and best of all, Sawyer and Juliet’s realization. If that scene didn’t get you, you don’t have a romantic bone in your body. (For the people who watched “Lost” for the romance and relationships, this finale was an epic win,including Jack and Kate’s kiss.)

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Sawyer leaves the room and finds the vending machine where he buys an Apollo bar (of course!) but it gets stuck. While he’s trying to fish it out, who appears? FINALLY. Juliet. They quip and flirt about the vending machine and when she passes the Apollo bar to him, they touch. And electricity rips between them. They back away because the memories and emotions were so strong. Sawyer says, “Did you feel that?” Juliet says, “Maybe we should go get coffee sometime.” Typical Sawyer says, “I’ve only got a dollar, that machine ate my last one.” To which Juliet replies (everyone together!), “We can go dutch.” And here they touch again and suddenly aren’t looking at each other, they are looking into their memories–their Dharma house, their life together, the flower, the bomb, her death–all of it. And when they look into each other’s eyes again, it’s like they can’t believe it. “Juliet? It’s me. It’s me, baby. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” and they are hugging and kissing and crying and laughing. It was PERFECT. {would you be creeped out to know that I just wiped huge tears from my eyes?}


That could be the end for me, but let’s keep going… […]

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Back in the sideways timeline, Sawyer just passed Juliet in the hospital elevator and the entire row in front of me just threw their hands up in the air. Ack! A missed opportunity, or perhaps Darlton is just making us sweat.

For a moment, I really thought Sun was going to hug Sawyer on her way out of the hospital room, but I guess that was to be Juliet’s job.  🙂  As Sawyer passes Jack in the hallway, there’s something very familiar about his, “Thanks, Doc,” as he heads to the vending machines.

And as a befuddled Sawyer takes on the candy machine (and loses), Juliet arrives to calmly tell him where he went wrong. “It worked,” she says as they share a moment over an Apollo Bar.

“We should get coffee some time.” –Sideways Juliet
The romantic flashes take them both by surprise as the music builds to another crescendo. The audience weeps as Sawyer holds Juliet and repeats, “I’ve got you,” his line from Season 5’s ‘The Incident’ (uttered just before Sawyer lost his grip and Juliet fell to her death).

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The sideways-verse/purgatory/’waiting room” reunions and subsequent flood of memories were nicely done (the obvious best being Sawyer and Juliet sharing a candy bar).

There was something about the Claire and Charlie sequence, maybe it was the whole Aaron childbirth thing, but most likely it was because “this beautiful angel” was what originally sparked Charlie in knowing that LAX wasn’t real (which ultimately sent Desmond on one of the greatest missions ever on TV), that not only made me cry… but I’m pretty sure I whimpered. Twice. But for me, this wasn’t even the worst “stop Lost, stop, you’re killing me” moment; that moment, rightfully so, was reserved for my favorite Lost couple ever, Sawyer and Juliet.To me, Sawyer and Juliet have always been Lost’s perfect couple, even establishing the most “normal” relationship on the Island. Juliet melted Sawyer’s heart, and he wanted to do nothing other than take care of her during the rest of their (Dharma) lives. Which made her death even more tragic. Sawyer was completely helpless, unable to do anything to save this woman that he loved so deeply. And it crushed him. In Juliet, Sawyer saw what his life could be, should be, and can be, so when she was ripped away from him, without warning, the pain was that much greater. Plus, ultimately, it was his fault. So he had no one to blame other than himself. Which made his redemption in season six, and Juliet and his reunion, that much more special. Some would say that he had feelings for Kate, and even though he “felt” something for her, it was more of a feeling that he knew he should have, as a protector, though ultimately, these were not feelings that he wanted to have, leaving Kate in her jail cell (and Juliet, being divorced from Jack in LAX, the wrong man, was delicious irony). Because those feelings were reserved for his true love, his soulmate that he never thought he deserved, and those feelings, as evident in the finale, rested solely with Juliet. And what made their scene together even sweeter was that time, and not seeing each other, didn’t diminish their love (in the show) or their chemistry (as real life actors). Love is love, no matter the circumstances. Their interaction was perfect, and couldn’t been done better by the actors, playing the scene from instant crush back to Lost’s most happy couple, and throwing their “journey” together right in the middle, all in the course of a couple of minutes. Perfect really doesn’t even describe their scene. Although I guess, sitting in a swing, overlooking a beautiful vista would have been a little more perfect than being in front of a vending machine. At least visually. But that’s just me.
At this point, there is no doubt in my mind that I was screaming “just kiss her” at the TV.
So with that, I’m feeling a little better, knowing that I have the truly profound (at least for me) part out of the way. The finale was gut-wrenching, but ultimately, filled with joy. And love (yes, I know that was cheesy). So, I figure I’ll also write about what I liked about the finale (a lot), what I didn’t like about the finale (some things), and further questions about the show as a whole. Look for those in the coming weeks… and if you need a good cry, rewatch that Juliet-Sawyer scene. I just did. And now I have “allergies.”
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When the door opens, Detective James Ford exits. He doesn’t seem to notice Juliet. I find the dynamite I squirreled away from the Black Rock and try to blow myself to kingdom come, but the Island isn’t done with me, yet. Meanwhile, James asks at the desk for Sun Paik’s room.
Vending Machine: Sawyer puts his dollar in and selects the classic Apollo Bar, which gets stuck, because Jacob’s dead and can’t give it a nudge. He drops to his knees and sticks his hand up inside of the machine. Just as he realizes he’s not going to be able to reach the candy, Dr. JULIET Carlson walks in. James’ eyes travel slowly up her form as she asks, “Can I help you?” He straightens up. “It’s okay. I’m a cop.” Juliet: “Mmm. Maybe you should read the machine its rights.” Hee. James lets a little laugh escape, but then ruins it by saying, “That’s funny.” Juliet tells him the secret to life, the universe and everything not answered by 42. It’s also an answer to Jack’s dilemma over on the island. “If you unplug it and then you plug it back in again, the candy just drops right down.” James: “Is that right?” Juliet: “Yes, and it’s technically legal.” They’re having so much eyesex I’m afraid they’ll go blind, so it’s good that Jimbo moves to the outlet. When he unplugs the machine, the lights go out. James: “Oops.” Juliet chuckles as she gets his candy. “It worked.” I’ve seen a lot of people questioning this, so I just want to confirm: yep. That’s the source of the message Miles heard from her corpse or spirit or whatever, back on Craphole. Remember, Juliet was straddling both realities as she died. She must have seen this happen right before her death — after the “coffee” conversation. Yes it was a misdirect. This is a mystery show. It was resolved. I don’t see any problem with it, even though I was wrong about what it meant, too. It’s not like her dying words (as opposed to those Miles heard after she was dead) weren’t meaningful. Speaking of…it’s time for that, right now.
When James grabs the Apollo bar from Juliet, they flash instantly and simultaneously. Dharmaville kitchen kissing. Talking on the dock late at night. Back in the present, Juliet and James jump to their feet and back. James: “Whoa. Did you feel that?” Juliet’s trying to catch her breath. She closes the gap between them. “We should get coffee sometimes.” James would love to, but the machine ate his money; he’s only got one buck left. Juliet (tearfully): “We could go Dutch .” We flash to a dying Juliet saying that in the hatch pit. In the present, she grabs his candy bar hand. Kitchen embrace. Dock talk. Spooning in their Dharmaville bed. Kissing, hugging, sunflowering. Sad talk by the window. James holding onto Juliet so she won’t fall down the Swan shaft. Their hands slipping apart. James screaming.
In the present, James finally says her name. “Juliet. Juliet it’s me.” Her eyes are closed. He grabs her face in his hands. She caresses his cheeks. He takes her into his arms and she sobs on his shoulder as he strokes her hair and comforts her. “It’s me, baby,” and then, “I gotcha. I gotcha, baby.” Weeping, she pulls her head off his shoulder to look him in the eyes. Her laughter bubbles up through her tears. “Kiss me James.” James: “You got it, Blondie.” Their kisses close out the scene. This is the 8th time I cry.
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Yet Sawyer didn’t leave us brokenhearted:the con man and his Dharma-era lady love,Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) found each other in the sideways world and went into the afterlife together. After,presumably,stopping for that long-overdue coffee.

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1. Sawyer and Juliet

Aaah yes, here we go. How could these two not be number 1?

Sawyer and Juliet are another page in the ‘love story tragically cut short’ book of Lost

sadness, but they were so much more.

A simple friendship evolved into the most real, believable, and gorgeous love story Lost has ever told.

Juliet dying at the end of season 5 (“The Incident”) remains one of Lost’s most heartbreaking moments.

Juliet and Sawyer’s reunion during “The End” is in contention for the best moment ever on the show. After they both become enlightened, and realize they love for eachother…

Those types of moments are what Lost is all about.

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Sawyer and Juliet reuniting was an amazing moment that ranks up there with Lost’s all time best and it had my eyes tearing up more and more as they opened to the Island world.

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And now as I think back upon it, the ending just adds so much weight to those little vignettes as true love conquered all and Sawyer found his fair Juliet….

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And, the episode’s strongest scene was Sawyer and Juliet’s reunion. That relationship was the emotional core of the series’ final season and there was a cathartic pleasure in seeing them reunited.

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