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Kristen Dos Santos:

John Lithgow and Betty White won Emmys tonight. But Elizabeth Mitchell and my pal @RyanSeacrest were robbed!

UPDATE 3: It’s 3:30 am here, I just wanna say something before I go to bed. I’m very sad they didn’t give the Emmy to Elizabeth because she did create the best fu**ing woman on screen.
If Juliet is so loved is just because Elizabeth’s made it happen. Useless to say that to us she is the best anyway and no matter what.
Liz has been giving me a lot with her roles during these years, expecially with Juliet. She is not only a talented actress, but also an amazing, sweet and kind person who loves what she does (it’s always a pleasure to listen her talking about her job) and I think this is what really counts.
Yeah I know it would have been better if she got an emmy for her performance as Juliet at least once, but she will always win our hearts and I’m sure she is happy for that and this makes me smile.
Maybe -as you said, Liz- you would have never been nominated for an Emmy without your fans, but one thing is for sure: we wouldn’t be here if you weren’t such an astounding human being and such a terrific actress! So thank you Elizabeth for everything you are! You shine, always!
I think we can all say: “JULIET DID IT” but just because Elizabeth made it happen!

UPDATE 2: Again Emmy jury failed. It’s a shame. Four years and they have never seen LOST at all. Try to watch something different sometimes! Elizabeth should have won and that’s it!

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“Fact. Elizabeth Mitchell is one of the kindest, most gracious people you’ll ever meet. She misses Josh H “dearly.”

Source:  Kristen Dos Santos

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