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http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/dynamic/imgs/101209/spoiler-room_510.jpg‘V’: A TRAITOR AMONG THEM?

Fun fact: When a season ends with the sky turning red, there’s cause for concern — and we learn all sorts of reasons why in the Jan. 4 season opener. For one, it can cause your face to melt off — kidding. Sort of. Gruesomeness aside, the premiere gives reason to believe this season could be faster-paced than the freshman run. Here’s what goes down: We learn a bit about the meaning of the red sky (clue: an environmental scientist has a piece of the puzzle); we learn the consequences of accusing Anna of becoming more human (clue: don’t mess with a woman who has a tail with a pointy end); we see Decker make a bold move to support the V (clue: goodbye, journalistic integrity); and we learn of a possible traitor in the Fifth Column. No clue for that one, but prepare to be devastated by the answer.

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  • 10 Dicembre 2010 in 22:35

    Traitor will be Jack IMO. There are spoilers of him staring up at the “bliss.” I hope not, but that’s just my guess.


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