Interview with Jay Karnes about V

Karnes, who also recently shot a heist film called ‘Setup’ with 50 Cent, Ryan Phillippe and Bruce Willis, will also appear in a recurring role in the new season of ABC’s ‘V,’ which returns Jan. 4.
The project reunites Karnes, who played Holland ‘Dutch’ Wagenbach on ‘The Shield’ for seven seasons, with ‘V’ executive producer and showrunner Scott Rosenbaum, who wrote for ‘The Shield.’
Karnes cautioned that he doesn’t have a huge role in the second season (his role might expand if the show gets a third season), but he said he’ll appear in a number of episodes as the new partner of FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell).

“We went to the academy together, we’re old friends,” Karnes said. “Obviously she’s running the resistance [to the alien Visitors] and I’m unaware. She doesn’t know how much to trust me.”
Karnes didn’t want to say too much about where Season 2 is headed — the show’s actors are strongly warned about giving out spoilers — but he noted that he’s unlikely to be a lizard underneath that G-man suit.
“At this point, they can’t kill me off or make me a V,” Karnes said (in season 1, two of Erica’s other FBI co-workers turned out to be Vs).
“What I have read so far [of Season 2] is terrific,” he said of the season as a whole. “I think if you’re a fan, you’re not going to be disappointed.”
And there’s no dirt to report from the ‘V’ set. “Everyone is freakishly nice,” he reported.
“The first day I was there, the wardrobe lady said, ‘Everybody is really nice,’ Karnes said. “And in my mind, I go, ‘Yeah, we’ll see.’ But they’re all genuinely so warm and such good actors, it’s a lovely place to be and it’s a great experience.”

Source: TV SQUAD