Interview with Laura Vandervoort | mention to Elizabeth/Erica

It contains spoilers:

That works. What can we expect for Tyler and Lisa as he moves toward Anna and Lisa pulls away, toward the humans?

Laura Vandervoort: You’re bang on with that. The further that Tyler is becoming enthralled with the V’s, Lisa is pulling away from her people, or at least from her mother. She’s leaning more towards humans, especially Erica. I’m working a lot more with Elizabeth [Mitchell] this season and Lisa is kind of finding a motherly figure in her. That’s affecting her judgment as well. There’s the fact that Tyler and Lisa have different beliefs and not only that, but Lisa knows more than Tyler about everything. She’s got to be very tender with him in how she explains things and doesn’t give things away. She can see her mother kind of manipulating Tyler. So she’s torn, but it creates some interesting drama between the two of them.

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