ABC doesn’t want its Tuesday night to succeed

It’s another V last night episode’s review and it mentions something I think it’s not really helping V to succeed.

And V is not being shown on Hulu nor, which is really needed when you have a serialized genre show in the case of V.

V: Unholy Alliance
© ABC/Robert Trate

V returns after being pre-empted for last week’s State of the Union address. With its returns, a few new players join the game. Jay Karnes (TV’s The Shield) is the new partner of Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) with whom she attended Quantico. Oded Fehr (The Mummy) is Eli Cohn, a member of the Fifth Column whose methods are far more brutal than Erica’s Fifth Column cell.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first: the special effects. You can tell the exterior Vatican scenes were shot on blue screen. The head of Agent Malik’s (Rekha Sharma) human skin looked like it was put together on the cheap, as did the scene with Diana (Jane Badler) taking a chomp out of Fr. Moreau (guest star Jonathan Walker, RED), the priest who was really a lizard.
Again, it goes to show that ABC does not want its Tuesday night line-up to succeed. For the second consecutive week, No Ordinary Family (a show that’s really not that good due to poor, poor writing but that’s beside the point here) was a rerun (in case you were wondering why there’s no review). Detroit 1-8-7 returns after 2 weeks and had a very, very good episode.
And V is not being shown on Hulu nor, which is really needed when you have a serialized genre show in the case of V. Remember, ABC shortened the amount of episodes for this season as well. Really, it’s a damned shame what ABC’s done to V (and 1-8-7, for that matter). If it promoted all 3 shows (and if Family wasn’t fizzling out), it would probably have a decent night of television. Not phenomenal, but decent. At any rate, ABC didn’t ask us now, did it? Moving on…

The good: Tonight’s episode has a WTF moment: Anna (Morena Baccarin) blackmails the Vatican into condemning anti-V rhetoric – something Fr. Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) is spewing. What she does with the blue energy is disturbing – and probably offended some very religious viewers.

However, Fr. Jack plans to continue speaking out against the Vs, despite the orders from the Vatican. This results in Tyler (Logan Huffman) vandalizing his church, but he leaves behind his cell phone and Eric and Fr. Jack find out whom the perpetrator is.

Let’s hope the creators will get to tell their story or at least continue it in comics like Joss Whedon has done with Buffy the Vampire Slayer if this show gets hamstrung any more than it has.

Source: Mania