Who are the best couples on TV? Sawyer & Juliet

Ah, Valentine’s Day – advertising has convinced us we need to celebrate love on this particular day, which most people seem to be doing by having a ‘quickie’. Oh how romantic.Love usually comes in three distinct flavours on television:The Cliche, in which the love story seems like every other love story in history and everything always works out in the end, like on The Brady Bunch.The Womaniser, in which the man goes out and beds as many women as possible, like on Two and A Half Men (Is there a female equivalent of this, by the way? “Man-ising”?!)The Utterly Ridiculous, in which the love story borders on crazy like on last week’s Go Girls, or is drawn out too long like Ross and Rachel on Friends. There are great examples of couples that qualify in all three categories so, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, here is my list of the Best TV Couples – in no particular order, of course:

Sawyer & Juliet, Lost: For a brief time during Season 5 of Lost, viewers were able to enjoy the only fully formed romance in the entirety of the show – stuck back in 1977 and forced to join the Dharma Initiative, Sawyer and Juliet posed as a couple so they could fit in more easily and eventually fell in love, which spawned a number of touching scenes between the two. Want proof this is the best couple on Lost? Name the single most emotional scene in the Season 6 finale … if you didn’t say “Sawyer and Juliet meeting by the vending machines”, then you might not have a heart and should seek medical treatment.

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