V 2×08 | Review by DaemonsTV

V “Uneasy Lies The Head” Season 2 Episode 8 – Phew! So a lot of things happened on V this week! First and foremost, let’s talk about the most important thing that happened in “Uneasy Lies the Head”. Kyle and Erica made with the smoochies! Right on top of a picture of her son and ex-husband, but hey… nothing’s perfect.

Now that I’ve got the fangirling out of the way (come on, it was about TIME they hooked up, the tension was so tangible between the two of them I’m surprised it wasn’t visible in the air!), let’s talk about the rest of the episode.

There are major flaws appearing in Anna’s Live Aboard project, which are courtesy of the new fifth column run by the new unsympathetic Erica Evans. In order to stop Anna from extracting the DNA from the humans that are a part of the Live Aboard project; Erica and pals break into a lab to steal a strain of the flu. They plan on giving the disease to the human subjects, which will make their DNA useless and put a major wrench in to Anna’s plans.

Well, it works… sort of. The disease takes hold, but not fast enough, and Anna is able to inject Tyler with the human DNA mixture with the biggest needle ever used on the PLANET.

During the break in to the lab, Kyle is shot in the shoulder, Erica takes out a security guard, and Jack isn’t happy with the new personality that Erica is sporting. We’ll talk about that in a minute.

In addition to the Live Aboard program, aboard the mothership Anna is running into issues with Lisa and Rafael… which just proceed to get worse when Tyler appears in time to see the Lisa attempting to seduce Rafael. He doesn’t have to throw any punches though – because Rafael starts bleeding from the eyes and foaming at the mouth. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s downright disgusting.

Ryan is told that Diana is still alive and also finds out that HER bliss can save his daughter – it doesn’t JUST have to be Anna’s. So this sheds some light on his issues with Anna. Diana also tells him about some secret escape pods that she created and Ryan heads to earth in one of them.

Now on to a few things with this episode of V:

  • This was the first time that ever interior shot of the mothership looked REALLY fake to me. Everything looked computer generated and the actors looked like they’d been pasted into the frame.
  • Did anyone else notice that Anna was showing a little human emotion for Tyler? Or did I just imagine that?
  • Erica has changed, which is to be expected. But she’s ruthless. Hard, cold, and just not herself. She’s lost a part of her humanity, and that’s what made her different from Anna. I’m not saying that she’s as bad as Anna is, but there are similar elements to their characters.
  • Tyler is just getting progressively more irritating. Especially his line this week “Maybe if you were human you’d
    understand…” Low blow, Tyler.
  • Erica and Kyle. Come on now – that was a steamy and highly delightful scene.

So once again, V continues to be an amazing show, and one of my favorite each week. What do you think will happen in the upcoming episodes? Sound of below!

Source: daemonstv