Elizabeth Talks About The V Season Finale

Very controversial among the fandom lately has been the romance between Erica and Hobbes. How do you think Erica will respond once she finds out what Hobbes had to do with Joe’s death?

ELIZABETH MITCHELL: Oh! Oh my gosh! She’d kill him! That, to me, is what makes it so delicious. But then again, I’m kind of an odd person.
Obviously, you’re sitting there watching the screen and you’re like “Don’t do it! Okay he’s really cute, but don’t do it! He’s a bad guy!” So no. Not good. I mean, he’s betrayed her every which way. But, you know, she’s in a massive amount of pain, so I feel like something was going to break, and I guess that was it.

Q: What is Erica’s relationship currently like with Jack at this point?

A: She’s kind of estranged from Jack. But yet, to me, what was so tragic about that is that she was calling him to make up. She was calling him to try to be human again, and to have him talk to her and to have him be her conscience again. And then he didn’t pick up the phone. So, it’s so fascinating to me, that the little angel doesn’t answer, but the Devil just crashes right in. Obviously it’s not that black and white, given that Hobbes is not pure evil, but it is interesting.


Q: Is there a moment that you’re still waiting for with Erica that hasn’t happened yet?

A: Yeah, I want for her to win. [laughs] And I’m also waiting — I’ve always loved Father Jack, and I love Hobbes, and I love how she is with both of them, but I do think there’s a whole story with Father Jack that we haven’t explored yet. I love that. He’s such a good man. He’s such a good person. And I feel like to lose him is a sad thing – to have her not be friends with him, to have him not be her touchstone, is hard.

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