Morena about Erica’s loss

TV Guide Magazine: As teased, three series regulars were killed off. Your character, Anna, pierced her tail right through Diana [Jane Badler]; Anna’s daughter, Lisa No. 2, mated with Tyler [Logan Huffman] and then sunk her teeth into him as Lisa No. 1 [Laura Vandervoort] watched in horror; and Ryan [Morris Chestnut] had his neck snapped by the tail of his rapidly-aging daughter. It must have been a rough day on set when that script was released.
Baccarin: It was really sad and hard on all of us. I think Morris is a little bit less final than the others, so we don’t know if he’s coming back or not. For all intents and purposes, Ryan’s dead, but you don’t really see him die, so you never know. But with Jane, I knew I was sticking my tail through her, so that’s a little hard to out-maneuver. Jane was really sad because she really loved her time with us, and we’d embraced her into the family. And with Logan it was especially sad. He’d been with us from the beginning, and we see him as the kid in the show no matter how old he is. But I think it’s great that we went this far; it really makes it. We needed Erica [Elizabeth Mitchell] to suffer a major loss to really go the length she needs to go. It’s going to be great in the end, but it’s really hard on everybody when it happens.

Source: TV GUIDE