SVU: Totem’s Reviews about Elizabeth’s performance

[…]What really shocked me was Elizabeth Mitchell’s performance.[…]

[…]But oh, my. Mitchell hit one out of the park with her fragile portrayal of June Frye, a prime suspect in the rape and murder of a young girl. This kind of thing is clearly what she should be doing. Her performance was heartbreaking, especially once you discover Frye’s ultimate motivations. How hard is it to turn on the only family you have left?[…]

[…]Great casting.[…]

[…]But it does come back to Mitchell, who just broke a million hearts with this performance. And while I’m not quick to jump on any Emmy bandwagons (especially for the rapidly-declining SVU; it would make me feel … dirty …) there needs to be some sort of recognition for what she did.

So I guess I’ll just give it: Great job! Elizabeth Mitchell made this episode not suck.

Everyone else on the show was basically there to act as straight men / props for Irons and Mitchell.[…]

Source: DamonsTV