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WonderCon 2011: Elizabeth Mitchell on Erica in V Season 3 … if there is a Season 3

If there is a Season 3 of V, where does Elizabeth Mitchell see her FBI character of Erica going? Will she be a kick-ass, take no prisoners type of character given that everyone she has loved is now gone? Talking with us at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco, this is what she had to say.

“Yes, I would like her to be a nothing to lose, incredibly strong, incredibly intelligent character,” Mitchell says. “I feel that maybe we can out think them [the aliens. We are talking about the reptilian brain, which is mostly just instinct. So with a combination that we have and so many gifts and so many things we can do. I think that Erica is capable of it. I just want to see it happen. And I want there to be so much action, I want Marc [Singer]’s character to send her out to accomplish things. That would be wonderful. That would be very cool.”

Mitchell jokes that it would also be cool if Erica would get some sort of scientific enhancement to fight the Visitors.

So does Mitchell see the show evolving into where Singer’s character and Erica are the head of the resistance?

“I love the idea of the two of us getting to play off of each other,” Mitchell says. “We had a great time together. I love the idea of us working as a team, but I also love the idea of strife. Maybe we don’t get along? That would be awesome. Maybe there is all this stuff where we butt-heads but we are still going toward the goal [of taking out the Vs.] Maybe there are these mortal feuds going on. I love that. That’s good stuff, that’s good sci-fi.”

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Fan Report

  • love imagination during green screen
  • A fan just asked Elizabeth Mitchell if she cheered when Tyler died. She said no, but she did love the scene.
  • When @EricIGN asked Elizabeth Mitchell if she preferred Jack or Hobbes for Erica, a fan yelled out “Sawyer!”
  • “There’s something in me that wants to talk less and fight more”
  • Someone just told Liz Mitchell: “If you ever go bi, call me.” Wow. It wasn’t me!!Liz found her comment to be tremendously flattering, by the way.

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WC 11: V’s Plans for Season 3 – What does the future hold for the sci-fi series?

IGN TV’s very own Eric Goldman moderated Saturday’s WonderCon panel for V, which saw stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Marc Singer and showrunner Scott Rosenbaum talk about the past season and their hopes for a possible third one.

“We’re very hopeful,” said Rosenbaum when asked about a Season Three. He said there’s a lot of things in the show’s favor, including good DVR numbers, and that they had more viewers at end of this season than at the end of the previous season.

Considering the second season finale saw the death of three characters, the subject was broached whether or not they will remain deceased. “How dead is dead?,” said Rosenbaum. “On this show, you never know.” Rosenbaum refused to give away too much, but he never outright denied the possibility, either. He said flashbacks are a possibility.

Rosenbaum certainly wants to explore the idea of Project Aries more in the future, as well as the further toughening of Mitchell’s heroine, FBI Agent Erica Evans, in light of the events in the season two finale.

The subject of budget cuts was brought up as a way to possibly keep the show on the air, and Rosenbaum was also asked if killing off anymore characters would also be a possibility. He said that with so many special effects now “banked,” that helps bring that part of the show’s budget down.

Rosenbaum said that he has no plans to kill any more characters if there is a third season; in fact, he’d like to introduce more into the mix, and hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing back other veterans of the original V series, particularly Michael Ironside and Robert Englund, to join Singer in the cast as new characters.

If fans want to help V get renewed for a third season, they are urged to check out “Project Alice” on Facebook and join the fan movement to keep V alive.

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WonderCon 2011: The scoop on what V Season 3 would be … if there is a Season 3

While speaking to the press at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco today, we grilled V executive producer Scott Rosenbaum about whether or not there will be a third season of the cult ABC series. The answer was simple.

“We do not know about a third season at this point,” Rosenbaum admits.

However, if there is a V Season 3, Rosenbaum is excited by all the possibilities that the season 2 finale “Mother’s Day” left open.

“I am most excited about it more than I have ever been, because [V] has gotten to a place at the end of this season, the closest to what I wanted it to be,” reveals Rosenbaum. “Now we have a situation where you have a realistic human resistance that actually has a possible shot of defeating the Visitors. Whereas before it was a motley crew of four or five with a priest, an FBI agent. It was sort of like the rebels in Libya fighting – they are never going to win. The only way they have a chance is with an organized military complex behind them. I like that. That is very exciting to me. Now we can see them make a real dent in Anna’s plans.”

Rosenbaum also adds that the characters have been pushed to extremes, which will also make for some great drama too.

“I pushed the characters to a place emotionally where I am excited about it,” says Rosenbaum. “Erica is going to find out her son was murdered and what that’s going to do to her will be fascinating to watch. Other characters have died, the stakes are high, Anna knows she’s almost been betrayed, Anna’s real daughter is locked in a dungeon, Anna knows there is a real chance that other Vs may revolt as well and so her timeline is shrinking so she had to move faster and quicker for her plans to work. Now that we have seen the Visitors we can see a lot more of them. There is a whole bit of mythology about the second part of their plan that we could get into. That I don’t want to give all away because that will be fun to watch.”

Pacing is another major issue Rosenbaum says will be resolved in the proposed Season 3.

“The pacing of the shows will be very much like that last episode, they all will be peddle to the metal and tons of story and excitement,” says Rosenbaum. “That’s more the style that I prefer as a writer and I was actually pulled back to a style that I was uncomfortable with. My voice as a writer is much more like that last episode than the ones you saw before because I was asked to slow things down. I didn’t believe that was the way to go but I did the best I could. I can’t wait, I’m excited about [a potential Season 3].”

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WonderCon 2011: V actor Marc Singer would love to be back for Season 3

While speaking to the press at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco today, actor Marc Singer spoke to us about his guest appearance on the V reboot in the Season 2 finale (he was a regular in the 1980s mini-series and series) and his desire to return for a bigger role if Season 3 is picked up.

“You hope in a career you will be creating things like the BEASTMASTER and V, that they have an afterlife,” admits Singer. “And when they do, when the afterlife has this kind of structure and strength to it you sit at home and say to yourself ‘Well, you know it seems like an inevitability.’ It takes a great deal of finesse to plug a character from a past show into a new one and say ‘Hey that works.’ My hat is off to [showrunner] Scott [Rosenbaum] and his team that they were able to do this, but out of that sense of inevitability, comes a sense of realization that with the years comes patience. That you have to simply wait, and wait well for the phone to ring, that it will [ring]. You have to resist all your friends that say ‘Aren’t you excited? Aren’t you nervous? When are they going to call?’ And the answer is when they are ready.”

As for whether he had any doubt he’d get the call to return to the franchise that put him on the map in the 1980s, Singer says he was confident he’d be back for a reprise (albeit his role is a different character on the new series).

“Not for me,” says Singer. “There was never a doubt that I would be offered it. I say that knocking wood after the fact now. But there was never a doubt in my mind I would be invited to join in on something that I played a key role in originating. Listening to Scott talk, there was never a doubt in his mind that the show would last longer enough to bring me back.”

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PhotobucketAfter V Panel and interview, Elizabeth left San Francisco.

“Sitting next to #Elizabeth Mitchell at the San Francisco Airport. Evidently she was on a panel at the Wonder-con down here”

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