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Watch: Elizabeth Mitchell talks ‘V’ shockers with HitFix at WonderCon
How will Erica Evans face the shocking events of the ‘V’ finale?

SAN FRANCISCO – Although “V” is very much on the bubble for renewal at ABC, star Elizabeth Mitchell, showrunner Scott Rosenbaum and original series lead (and recently added remake guest star) Marc Singer took the WonderCon stage on Sunday (April 3) to meet with fans and talk about the recent finale and hopes for the future.
In the press room after the panel, I got to talk with Mitchell about the dark and shocking ending to the second season finale — obviously there are spoilers in this video — and where that tragedy is going to leave her Erica Evans in a possible third season.
In the interview, Mitchell talks about what Erica and Morena Baccarin’s Anna might have in common, how she sheds her intense and emotional characters at the end of the day and what she’d like to see happen in the hypothetical future on “V.”
Check back in the days to come for my video interviews — filmed and edited by HitFix’s awesome Alex Dorn — with Singer and Rosenbaum, but I think Mitchell’s a pretty terrific way to kick off the “V” interviews.

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I collected several spoilers about V Season 3 and a deleted scene regarding Hobbes from season 2. They are comments, posted on V facebook page, from fans who were at WonderCon.

  • There was an excised bunch of scenes from the finale that explained what happened to Hobbes.
  • The scenes with Hobbes had to do with him and Ryan going up to the ship as there was some sort of a ‘tracker’ on Diana whenever she left her cell. I didn’t catch all of what he said so I’m sure I’m missing some good important stuff, but it was something to do with them going up there to find her because the tracker let them know she was out of her cage, and part of why he left so quickly. Apparently they had too much footage for the season finale and had to cut something, so Hobbes scenes were what got cut. Scott also talked about how he may integrate them into a Season 3 because he felt like this was such an important part of the story, and didn’t really want to cut it.but since they had to take something out to make it shorter, that’s what happened.
  • To expand on what said about the whole Hobbes thing, the tracking device on Diana was there to prevent Diana from escaping from the dungeon, and it was like an auto-immolation device, so that’s why she couldn’t just escape. I guess that someone had to help her get out of there, and they cut a lot of that out. They didn’t show us the cut footage though.
  • Someone asked Mitchell if she cheered when Tyler died and she said “Why, did you??? *pout*” LOL. She talked about the strong feelings of motherhood.
  • Someone did bring up Jack and the Hobbes hookup, and Elizabeth Mitchell said something about not preferring anyone over anyone else because they’re all hot guys and she appreciated being hooked up with at least one of them, LOL. There was nothing about Jack’s future storyline though.
  • There was a lot of joking around about how Erica ended up with the hotties of the show. Heh. Not really much on Jack though. They are all really taken with Laura Vandervoot. When I asked the question about her favorite scene and if she cheered when Tyler died she was like “aw did you?” haha then started talking about how great his scene was with Lisa and the mothering bit. Then she named a bunch of things but singled out the one where she meets Lars, tied to the chair. Then Marc Singer jumped in and talked about how great everyone was and again mentioned Laura Vandervoot.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell is adorable, shes really giggly and bubbly and cute and animated. I loved it. Marc Singer is pretty bad ass. He was genuinely happy to have been a part of the new V, and talked about how awesome it was. He has great chemistry with Elizabeth Mitchell and you can tell they are hoping to do more scenes together.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell WAS very adorable and bubbly, and there were so many people (including me) who complimented her work on SVU (the episode that aired this week). I would’ve asked more of the panel, but there was a real bitch working the question line and she was already kinda pissed by the time I got to ask my question because the guy ahead of me pissed her off by not listening to her what kind of question to ask (they had to “approve” your question or at least hear what it was and advise you on whether it was something you should be asking/how to change it up if it wasn’t something you should be asking).
  • Amy can take over as Queen if she wanted to. They’re not ruling that out. They’re looking to cast older!Amy and Rosenbaum says that everyone assumes Lisa 2.0 will take over as Queen, but he’d like to make it a triangle (Anna vs. Lisa(?) vs. Amy).
  • Bliss was about Amy and her role, and they said that they want to cast someone who can fill out that “three way challenge for Queen” dynamic that might happen.
  • The decisions to make the Visitor bodies more insect-like than lizard-like kinda ties in to their purpose from the old show vs. the new show. Rosenbaum said that in the original series they were lizard/humanoid and all they wanted to do was eat us; in this reinvention, their main purpose is to breed out our best qualities into their own species.basically that’s what they’ve done throughout the universe. They’ve taken other “alien” DNA and their bodies only reflect that. Basically taking the best of the best of any given species + the breeding wipes that species out, and Earth humans are next.
  • Rosenbaum confirmed that only V females have tails.
  • Project Ares was something Rosenbaum had wanted to do since the beginning of the reinvention, but I guess they all felt that they needed to establish the scope and helplessness of the humans vs. the Vs first before revealing the decades-old secret project.