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Video – WonderCon 2011 V PANEL – Questions & Answers (all the Fans Questions)

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Appearing for the V panel was creator/producer Scott Rosenbaum, along with stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Marc Singer. Each appeared stunned and grateful at the loyal fans’ appreciation and was effusive in turn for the dedication and support. While the show is still technically “on the bubble” and a third season in no way guaranteed, they were still excited about the possibility of another season and had lots of ideas to share about what they hope to see next.

As Elizabeth Mitchell candidly admitted, “There’s something in me that wants to talk less and fight more!” After brutally losing her son and holding her ex-husband as he died in her arms, surely Erica Evans’ days of hiding in the shadows and tentatively striking back against the Visitors is over. Thus, should a third season be granted, Elizabeth is looking forward to kicking some well-deserved alien butt!

On the lighter side, Elizabeth would also love to portray the scenes where she finds out about Tyler’s death and Hobbes’ betrayal. Between the newly infused kick-ass role and its tender emotional-side, Elizabeth relishes the chance to portray the full spectrum of emotion. The razor-sharp edge of combined rage and anguish would be her dream-come-true.

When queried about whether any of the characters who looked dead in the season two finale will actually stay dead, producer Scott Rosenbaum coyly teased, “How dead is dead? On this show, you never know!”

Talking about Tyler’s infamous death scene in the finale, Elizabeth shared “I really love Logan [Huffman] and enjoy working with him so much, so I’m sad that [Tyler] is dead.” She also predicted that when Erica learns about her son’s death that “someone is going to have to physically stop her — and as we’ve seen with Erica, that might be hard!”

Other things that may come up next season, which would have been shown in the second season finale had there been more time, such as: Erica’s discovery that Hobbes was involved with her ex-husband’s death and a possible romance with Jack. With Hobbes on the run, and Jack ex-communicated from the church and moving in with Erica (temporarily), there has been a shift in Erica’s romantic interests. Elizabeth described one of the cut scenes as, “There’s a scene that they never showed, where Father Jack moves in and he gets really close to her — and she just looks at him like, ‘Whoa! Ok . . .’ we shot it, and it was really fun. There’s got to be something there.” For fans looking to check-out those sexy scenes, Elizabeth revealed, “We had far more romantic tension scenes, but they were all cut. So they should be on the DVD.” She also laughingly shared that she has no preference as to who Erica ends up with as both Jack and Hobbes are “hot guys” and that she just appreciated Erica getting a chance to hook-up with one of them!

Another big chuck that was cut from the finale that would have explained a bit more about Hobbes’ hasty departure was briefly explained as well. Apparently, when Hobbes and Ryan went up to the Mother Ship, Diana tripped a tracking device the minute she left her cell. That warned Hobbes that his cover was potentially blown and he vanished to save his own skin.

Looking to the future, Marc Singer’s character Lars Tremont will feature prominently in Project Aries. Elizabeth excitedly described it as, “Project Aries really started something completely new. I think having that power behind our tiny little group is really exciting. It gives them something to draw from – I mean, they’ve got nuclear weapons!” Thus, in season three, Elizabeth wants Erica to rise to the occasion. She explained, “I would like her to be a nothing-to-lose — incredibly strong — incredibly intelligent character. . . I feel that maybe we can out think [the Visitors].” She further added, “We are talking about the reptilian brain, which is mostly just instinct. So with a combination that we have and so many gifts and so many things we can do, I think that Erica is capable of it. I just want to see it happen — and I want there to be so much action. I want Marc’s character to send her out to accomplish things. That would be wonderful. That would be very cool!”

For his part, Marc is just as enthusiastically looking forward to the chance to rain down hell on the Visitors next season and is looking forward to working more with Elizabeth on the show.

As for the realistic chances of a third season, Scott was optimistic stating that they were all hopeful and that the DVR numbers are better this season. So there is always a chance. He encouraged fans to help ensure that third season by checking out Project Alice on Facebook – anything the fans can do to show their appreciation and support of the show is what is needed to reassure ABC that a third season is warranted.

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