What show do you want to see back?

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Chuck: I’d like to see more V because I think the story got to such a good place at the finale that it really showed promise and it seemed like it was going to go into a direction more like the original series with a human/alien battle for the planet.  I love Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin is fantastic as Anna and you can’t just introduce Marc Singer into the mix and let it all end there!  Unfortunately, they killed off Jane Badler‘s character but maybe Faye Grant and Robert Englund can make some guest appearances in season three!  I just think the show has a lot of potential if ABC would stop screwing around with it by ordering episodes and then cutting the order before the show even airs, and Warner Brothers could help by streaming the show online so interested viewers who haven’t seen the show can get caught up.  You can’t even buy season two on iTunes or Amazon yet!  Makes no sense.  Hopefully the fan base will be strong enough to get the show another season.

It looks like The Chicago Code has the most support from the Clackers — which do you want to see back again next season the most? Vote and then share your reason in the comments.