Media Update

We changed the categories in the media video. Now you can see that all the TV Series are under “TV” and the name of the show and all the movies are under “MOVIES” and the title of the movie. If there are interviews, bts and premieres videos from movies and TV Series you also find them under “MOVIES” or “TV SERIES”.

All the promotional tours are under “TOURS” and then COMINC CON, WONDERCON, LONDON, MONTE CARLO and SUMMER PRESS TOUR. We hope the navigation is easier this way.

In addition the cagegory “TALK SHOW” is now “TALK SHOWS & INTERVIEWS”.Specific interviews made for LOST or V remainss under their own category (LOST – INTERVIEWS, V – INTERVIEWS)

We also created the category “SKETCH” with SEXY CLONE DILEMMA and the TOTALLY LOST with Elizabeth’s funny scenes.

The rest is pretty much the same, LOST & V have too many videos with their specific categories so we made no change there.

If you have any question, please write to us.