New York Comic Con: Morena Baccarin about Elizabeth

Morena was at New York Comic Con last week and someone asked her about her chemistry with Elizabeth on screen.

This is the video of that question and her answer:

video pic

Here a transcription:

Q: I liked the way you and Elizabeth Mitchell were really great together on screen in V. How was it working with her? Did you guys get together and plan this out or was it just like actors knowing how to click? That’s what I was trying to say.
Morena: It was total coincidence that we got along very well. We, I think I was cast first and then she was cast really last minute because Lost got cancelled sort of last minute and she couldn’t say anything, so she couldn’t go after a job so it was really tough for her, but she ended up fitting in the V schedule really well. And yeah, we got along great. We didn’t work together all that much because our characters were very separate, but she had quite a few parties at her house in Vancouver. We had a blast. She’s a very nice lady.

Transcription by Hamburgo –  Thanks Jessy for the head up!

3 pensieri riguardo “New York Comic Con: Morena Baccarin about Elizabeth

  • 26 Maggio 2011 in 22:58

    want her to start roaming around LA so people take photos of her! I AM DESPERATE! 🙁

  • 26 Maggio 2011 in 23:34

    I’m glad I am not crazy coz’ I’m feeling the same way. I miss her too much!

  • 28 Maggio 2011 in 14:06

    she needs a high profile role with lots of media attention then I’ll be happy just because I need news she’s not around and I miss her 🙁


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