Elizabeth Mitchell Is Really Loved

We don’t know if you remember, but in 2009 Elizabeth was about to do a movie called “Every Little Thing”, then for some reason she had to back out, we guess because she took the role on “V”. The movie has never been realized.

We found an interview with the writer and director of that project, Suju Vijayan, who said very nice things about Liz.

I’m the writer and director of Every Little Thing the film in which Elizabeth is playing the lead. My producer, Mike Blum, told me you were interested in getting some more information. So, to answer your questions.

How did you decide to cast Ms. Mitchell?

I loved Elizabeth’s performance in GIA years ago, and then really enjoyed her guest run on ER. More recently, I have of course enjoyed her terrific work on LOST, and it’s definitely her portrayal of Juliet that inspired me to approach her. I think she brings a tremendous amount of dignity, mystery, and strength to that role. Everything she does in that role is subtle and nuanced and effective, and that’s what I was looking for in the actor who would play Joanne, the lead in our film.

Joanne is the heart and soul of the movie, but she is not a showy character. She’s a woman who expresses herself in small ways, and I knew Elizabeth was the actor who could pull that off. In terms of the actual casting, I am working with a great casting director, and she got the script to Elizabeth. I was lucky that Elizabeth really liked the script and wanted to meet. When we met it quickly became clear that she had tremendous insight into the character and the script overall. She’s also a lovely person and I look forward to working with her. We are scheduled to shoot in June when Elizabeth is on hiatus from LOST.