Another Music Video with New Scenes from ANSWERS TO NOTHING

This is the song “Iron Man” by Nico Vega we heard in the trailer, it’s also in Answers To Nothing’s soundtrack.

elizabeth mitchell

Source of the video: ambushentertainment (like it and share this youtube link)

Ok guys to support the movie first of all you need to go to see it on December 2. It’s very important how much it makes in the first week-end. As you already know the movie opens in these cities only: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Then vote it 5 stars on imdb, you can vote it also with your facebook account so it’s very easy.

Spread the word among you friends and bring them to see the movie.

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Remember these are the facebook page and the official website.

And here the screencaptures of the scenes with Elizabeth:

emfc_amswerstonothingmusicvideoironman_a_28229.jpg emfc_amswerstonothingmusicvideoironman_b_28929.jpg emfc_amswerstonothingmusicvideoironman_e_28329.jpg emfc_amswerstonothingmusicvideoironman_e_28829.jpg emfc_amswerstonothingmusicvideoironman_f_28129.jpg

all the caps: Music Videos Caps