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In theatres December 2 – Answers to Nothing

A disparate collection of Angelenos cross paths in a web of interlocking stories in Answers to Nothing, a poignant and provocative ensemble drama from writer and director Matthew Leutwyler. Connected by coincidence, geography or choice, each of Leutwyler’s sensitively rendered characters finds themselves faced with a decision that will radically change the course of their lives—and the lives of others—often in ways they least expect. Ryan (Dane Cook) and Kate (Elizabeth Mitchell), an unhappily married therapist and lawyer; Carter (Mark Kelly) a school teacher by day, fantasy gamer by night; Allegra (Kali Hawk), a self-hating television writer; and Drew (Miranda Bailey), a recovering addict, all yearn for something that seems just out of reach: a baby, a heroic adventure, true love, redemption. Their stories play out against a drumbeat of media reports about a desperate search for a missing child, reminding them each of the ineffable heartbreak and joy that punctuate everyday life.

Answers to Nothing stars Dane Cook (Good Luck Chuck, “Tourgasm”), Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost,” “V”), Julie Benz (“Dexter,” “Desperate Housewives”) Barbara Hershey (Black Swan, Beaches) Zach Gilford (Super, “Friday Night Lights”), Erik Palladino (“Over There,” The Speed of Thought”), Kali Hawk (Bridesmaids, Get Him to the Greek), Aja Volkman (lead singer of the band Nico Vega), Miranda Bailey (Lower Learning, Oh in Ohio) and Mark Kelly (“Mad Men,” Dead and Breakfast). The film is directed by Matthew Leutwyler (Dead and Breakfast, The River Why) from a script he wrote with Gillian Vigman (The Hangover, “The Defenders”).

Source: Stars

NOTE: Dane Cook will be on The View on November 30.