The Talk with Elizabeth Mitchell – Answers To Nothing

We’ll update the post as soon as we get other things from the talk show.

UPDATE #5 (Dec. 1): CBS uploaded the clip on youtube (always just viewable by people in USA) so we updated the clip from the show in the media archive. You can all watch it and download it. 🙂
We also captured the full part with Elizabeth, but not in a good quality (coz’ the quality depends by your connection and at the moment ours sucks big time). We’ll post it soon, so stay tuned.

elizabeth mitchell


UPDATE #4: We spent the last hours trying to capture the video of The Talk for those of you who can’t watch it on CBS site (visible just in USA). There’s some audio synchronization’s problems we’ll try to solve. If you can send us a better version to share with all the fans, please email us.

UPDATE #3: The video will be available soon in the media archive. In the meantime this is a cap from the video with Elizabeth and CJ.

UPDATE # 2: You can watch The Talk at this link. Thanks Miranda Bailey.


Aisha Tyler just posted this on twitter:

My good friend, the brillant and gorgeous Elizabeth Mitchell, is fantastic on @TheTalk_CBS Today. Hooray!


For now this is a photo from The Talk:

Thanks samicat

This is a capture (a photo from Wondercon) they used in the preview video on The Talk site. There is no new image/info of Elizabeth in that video.