Answers To Nothing – Review | Great things about Elizabeth

We made a decision to create a page with Answers To Nothing’s reviews coz’ there are so many important news these days (new videos, audios, interviews, photos) but this is one of the best reviews I’ve read and I thought to post in the news at least the part regarding Elizabeth. We’ll keep updated this page with all the reviews we find interesting.

Cook and Mitchell were well-paired and cast as the estranged couple that doesn’t know how to find their way back to each other; they both understand their characters’ need to make professional and personal changes, in order to improve their lives. Ryan knows that in order to save his marriage and successfully treat his patients, he has to end his affair with Tara. While Cook is known for his stand-up comedy and comedic film roles, he, like Ryan, saw he needed to try something that’s completely foreign to him. Moving out of his comfort zone and taking on such a dramatic role certainly allowed him to enrich his acting abilities.

Mitchell understood her character was stressed to the breaking point as well, and was able to bring a humanity to the role. Kate represents many people who feel that having a child will improve their relationship, and won’t accept that the in vitro will fail. Leutwyler didn’t include as much background on Kate as Ryan, but the actress skillfully picked up on her feelings of loneliness and her need to nurture someone. Mitchell brought a believable fragile nature to the character, struggling to find her place in the world.

While Ryan and Kate are the most developed and intriguing characters in Answers To NothingRead the full article.