Audio Interview about LOST, C.J. and her break from work

» Answers To Nothing Press Junket 3 – LOST
Click  and listen to Mitchell give her thoughts on life after Lost

» Answers To Nothing Press Junket 4 – CJ
Mitchell also explains why she initially planned to take a year off from acting.

If you miss the other audio interview, you can hear them here.

Character driven dramas like Answers to Nothing usually are swimming upstream when it comes to a theatrical release, but this Los Angeles set story beat the odds and opens in select theaters today (as well as on Video on Demand).

Elizabeth Mitchell, star of Lost (I still get misty thinking of Juliet and Sawyer!) and V, plays a woman who is determined to get pregnant, thus overlooking her husband’s (Dane Cook) philandering ways. The picture also stars Julie Benz, who plays a detective working on a child abduction case.

“You do it for almost nothing, and you do it because you love it,” says Mitchell about shooting Answers to Nothing. “But you don’t do it because you think people will watch it. You strictly do it because you love it. It’s a love thing, and it’s kind of amazing. It’s like a gift.”

Source: HollywoodOutbreak