ANSWERS TO NOTHING Star Says It’s An ‘Act Of Optimism To Have A Child’

ANSWERS TO NOTHING Star Elizabeth Mitchell Says It’s An ‘Act Of Optimism To Have A Child’

I’m a big fan of the series ‘Lost‘ which I considered to be one of the greatest, most well-written, most well-acted shows in the history of television and so you can imagine how stoked I was to have met one of ‘Lost‘ stars, Elizabeth Mitchell at the press day for her latest film, ANSWERS TO NOTHING.
In this ensemble drama, set in L.A., Mitchell plays a woman trying to conceive via in vitro and another subplot in the film deals with a missing girl.
And so I asked Mitchell what the reason is for wanting to bring a child into this life so badly when there are so many bad things going on and many child predators in this world, Mitchell answered..

EM: “I think that’s an excellent question, I mean.. I have a child myself. So it’s an enormous act of optimism to have a child. I also think that infertility is a really difficult issue because we’re taught from an early age that we women are going to have babies. That’s going to be something. So when you want that badly and you can’t do it, I can absolutely see how that would become an obsession. You would turn your mind, your body, your thoughts, your resources, all toward that one purpose.
And I don’t know if very many people think about the actual child because a lot of time it’s like ‘I’m going to get pregnant’ (laugh) and ‘I’m going to do this’.
There’s a million books on being pregnant and most of them are like ‘soon there’s going to be a living creature outside of your body’ and it’s terrifying, it’s that quote of ‘when you have a child, your heart for the rest of your life will be walking around outside of your body’ and it’s true. You think that you’re going to get hurt by the world, this thing you love more than anything is going to get hurt by the world and you’re going to want to kill everybody (laugh)
But I think it’s enormous act of optimism and I think it’s wonderful that that’s what she wants so badly. We all want something, that’s just hers.”

Source: Ramascreen